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Employee story: meet Marcin!

They say like-minded people attract. Well, who are we to oppose that, when we found one of our workfellows all the way in France? 

This time around, for Employee spotlight stories, we’re interviewing our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Marcin, who joined us last June and has been an invaluable part of our team since then. Marcin works remotely from France but that hasn’t been an obstacle as he manages not to skip any company-wide party and visits Finland quite frequently. 

Hi Marcin! Let’s start with non-work-related questions. How do you usually spend your weekends? 

Hi! On weekends I usually go hiking to some nearby mountains or do anything that’s connected to nature. If I’m not limited by time, then I try to do some water sports, such as wakeboarding, canoeing, or just swimming. I am a father of four and since my kids are still very small, I have to watch them, so we often end up going to the forest and picking some mushrooms together with them or sledding in the wintertime. They also really like hiking; besides, that’s a much easier thing to do than just staying at home. 

Has it been a big change to work as a CTO at Workfellow compared to your previous roles?

Yes, it changed a bit, previously I was more involved in hands-on engineering and actually writing the code. Now I am mostly translating business needs to technology language and searching for the best ways to meet those needs. The next thing I spend my time on is thinking about the aspects that could be improved in the engineering process to make it as smooth as possible so that engineers are happy and the software is efficient and maintainable. I have a wonderful team that I can absolutely rely on, we discuss current priorities together quite a lot so that we could find the best solutions out there - both technology and process-related. Overall, more strategic and long-term things compared to what it was before. 

What triggered you to join Workfellow? 

The first thing that triggered me was domain. I worked in a process management domain before and we were just touching the surface of analytics and artificial intelligence. Once I came across the ad made by Kustaa (CEO) in one of the LinkedIn groups, I thought “Yeah, this is a really in-depth AI and process intelligence”. Then we had a discussion with him and he shared what Workfellow has been up to, sharing that they’re building the “future of knowledge work” tool. And that was enough - after the first conversation, I was already taken, my mind was completely occupied, and my journey started from that very moment. 

Have you enjoyed working here? What are the things that you like and what are the things that you don’t like much?

I like the team spirit and openness, everything is transparent - we share the information with each other and collaborate. We’re not just working but rather doing something meaningful all together. I also really liked the sauna party we had in Finland, it was quite a cool and new experience - going to such cold water after such a hot sauna was a little bit crazy but cool nonetheless. It’s hard to say something concrete about what I don’t like, but maybe it would be great to meet more often face to face. Hopefully, the Covid era is over soon and it will be possible. 

People have switched to hybrid/remote mode of work, and we’re trying to stay home whenever possible. However, you have been working completely remotely since the beginning. How has it been so far? Do you find it frustrating at times?

I’ve actually been working remotely even in my previous company. Initially, it wasn’t 100% remote, but after Covid, we switched to completely remote mode. So working at Workfellow hasn’t been a drastic change, I already knew the tooling and specifics of remote work. The only thing that has changed is probably the IPs, I connect with my team from Finland, and before that, I was connecting with my previous colleagues ‘locally’ in France. 

It’s great though that I get to learn about new cultures. The world is so open right now - I’m from Poland, live in France, and work in Finland!

In your opinion, why does Workfellow exist? 

I think the most important reason why we exist is that there’s a huge untapped market for undiscovered improvements, and that’s something we want to resolve. Our tool allows achieving that in an easy way - companies can get results extremely quickly and installation of the software is practically effortless. The market for it is very huge and I believe that we’ll be able to scale very quickly. 

How would you describe our company culture? 

Open, transparent, friendly, with a really good spirit and focus. We have everything to be successful - it is just a matter of time.

Finally, what would you recommend for future workfellows? Alternatively, what kind of workfellows would you want to see here working with us? 

Definitely the kind of people who can match our current culture - open, able to share not only success but also failures (so we can learn from them), willing to work collaboratively. We must really work together to keep it going, be friendly toward everyone, and share some positive energy. When people smile and give energy to others - it’s a very nice fuel for our internal engine. 

Written by

Kazyna Turdibayeva

Marketing specialist at Workfellow.

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