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Technical stack at Workfellow

We’re in the middle of the change.

The way people work and perceive work is changing at an accelerated speed. Large companies and enterprises run on centralized IT systems that support the business needs. Those IT systems are in the middle of rapid change as they become more powerful and automated. Salesforce, ServiceNow - all of them are increasingly automating the majority of routine activities and workflows within the systems, making the work consist of many smaller tasks across hundreds of documents and systems.

Knowledge work is not the same as it used to be. 

The simple “automatable” processes have long been automated or will be automated, mainly within the system. However, what is yet to be developed is how we see “knowledge work” as a whole across all different activities.

With all the different tools and the noise around, it feels like we’re missing something valuable. Why doesn't the work feel as fluent as playing the piano? 

We believe that better work means better business; things can still be changed. 

Here at Workfellow, we augment people with data-driven insights and recommendations on how to improve work and business. We want a world where teams and companies would see all their potential so that people can focus on things that really matter. Manual and mundane stuff - to robots and computers, creative stuff - to humans. 

From busy work towards → flow 

We’re developing the software, which will be the fastest and easiest way to understand the reality of work. As easy as possible so that companies can understand what needs to be developed, why it matters, and how to get it done. All of this is for better work and better business. 

This is how the typical workweek of a knowledge worker looks like - workflows jumping between thousands of apps and windows. It’s pretty evident that a lot could still be improved.  

As you can see, we’re solving an exciting data challenge - understanding the most valuable information out of millions and millions of rows of knowledge work data, analyzing it, and presenting it in the form of actionable recommendations. Our platform brings all development opportunities to the customers and further supports them to realize those. Customer-centricity has been the main driver in whatever we do.  

It might get challenging at times, but we love what we’re doing. We want every workfellow to have the best tools and technology available so that the work could flow without interruptions and people would shine. 

At Workfellow, we try to get the most recent and mature technology stack. 

We play with different technology continuously to never miss great opportunities to strengthen our stack. 

We use React for the front-end applications and Django, Django REST framework, Flask for the back-end apps. The Analytics part is written in Python and can treat a massive amount of data: ~150 000 rows/team/day. We also use Figma as a collaboration tool to provide a stunning interface.

The software runs in the Azure Platform, with different components in use: App Services, Function Apps, SQL Servers, Virtual Machines. We are currently playing with multiple solutions such as HDInsight, Data Lakes, and Docker.

We use GitHub for the project management and as the repository; for the CI/CD, we rely on GitHub Actions and DevOps Pipelines. VSCode plugins and SonarCloud help us to keep the code clean and safe.

"We deeply believe that optimization is an ongoing effort; therefore, we are constantly improving the solutions and searching for the best ways to develop our work."
-CTO at Workfellow, Marcin Michniewicz.

If you get fired up by significant data challenges, want to help knowledge workers optimize their work, and be part of an excellent team of visioners, don’t forget to check out all the open positions we have.

Written by

Kazyna Turdibayeva

Marketing specialist at Workfellow.