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What is process excellence?

Lari Numminen

February 11, 2023

What is Process Excellence?

Process excellence is the practice of continually improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of business processes and operations through an operational excellence framework. It is a combination of process improvement, process design, and process management techniques that strive to optimize organizational performance. Process excellence enables organizations to deliver better results and drive growth.

Why is process excellence important?

Process excellence is an ongoing effort to improve the way businesses operate and create value for customers, employees, and stakeholders. Organizations use process excellence to identify opportunities for improvement and create innovative solutions. Process excellence focuses on a range of different process-based activities, such as process mapping, process automation, and process reengineering.Process excellence is a powerful tool for organizations to improve the quality, speed, and cost of their operations. It helps organizations identify process weaknesses and design better solutions.

Process excellence vs Operational Excellence vs Business excellence

Process excellence, operational excellence, and business excellence are related concepts that focus on improving organizational performance.

Process excellence (PEX) is the practice of continually improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of business processes and operations.

Operational excellence (OpEX) focuses on streamlining and optimizing daily activities and operations.

• Business excellence (BEX) focuses on creating customer value and achieving long-term organizational objectives. All three approaches are essential to achieving organizational excellence and creating a competitive advantage.

what is process excellence
How process excellence relates to operational excellence and business excellence

Key elements of a process excellence framework

While process excellence is a broad term that can mean different things to different people,there are nine key activities that fall within the process excellence framework:

Process mapping: Identifying the steps, resources, and objectives of a process.

Process automation: Using software or other technology to automate manual tasks.

Process reengineering: Examining existing processes and making changes to improve them.

Process improvement: Identifying opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Process design: Creating ideal 'happy path' processes to meet customer needs and organizational goals.

Process monitoring: Monitoring processes to ensure they are meeting objectives and delivering quality results.

Process optimization: Evaluating and improving processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Process standardization: Establishing consistent processes across the organization.

Process governance: Establishing standards, policies, and guidelines for process management.

Process excellence in the workplace

Process excellence is a key part of an organisation’s overall performance management system.

Increasingly enterprise businesses are recognizing process excellence is an important element of organizational success. It helps organizations align their processes with their strategic objectives, improve customer service, and increase efficiency.

 In some business organizations there can be a process excellence department or dedicated process excellence managers or subject matter experts. By building a culture of process excellence, organizations can drive innovation, improve performance, and create a competitive advantage.

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Written by

Lari Numminen

Chief Marketing Fellow