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Workfellow.ai - Knowledge Work Redesigned

Updated: Sep 24

Introducing Workfellow.ai, a software that shows the DNA of work, so companies can improve their productivity.

Software for Enterprise Development

At Workfellow.ai, we are building a strategic software for enterprise development. Knowledge work is facing the largest transformation ever due to the automation, AI, cloud and remote era. What we know is that 50% of office work tasks are already automatable with existing technologies and knowledge work automation is estimated to have a bigger economical impact than IoT, cloud or physical robotics.

Whether these numbers are true or not, it is an indisputable fact that knowledge work is going to look really different in the upcoming years and the change is coming at an increasing speed. The upcoming change will force us to think how to reorganize, develop and automate activities in a company.

Me and Henri Wiik, founders of Workfellow.ai, have spent years working in knowledge work and business process automation consulting. We have always been passionate about new technologies and opportunities those bring - especially in the context of the future of work. Robotic process automation, machine learning and process mining - you name it - most probably, we have done it.

What’s Your Company’s Work DNA?

After spending years in the field with leading European companies, solving their knowledge work and business process challenges such as identifying automation potential in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) units in Poland, planning an automation roadmap for engineering unit in Bangalore to leading tens of intelligent automation projects, you start to build a comprehensive understanding of the common pain points. The pain points that all companies and every employee are facing, all the time. We understood that there was a common pattern behind it all.

What we have seen during our years in knowledge work automation consulting is that companies are under equipped to keep up with the upcoming change. The reason is quite straightforward - companies do not know what their work DNA is. It is quite impossible to lead your company’s work if you do not know what is your work’s structure, how it is done, what kind of activities we are doing, and what kind of patterns we share. This leads to the question of what is manual and what is productive in our daily work.

Making the Most of Knowledge Work Analytics

Answer, which meets this requirement, is knowledge work analytics. To succeed in the new age, you have to understand the DNA of your company and your employees’ work in detail, in order to grasp the big picture and answer questions like:

  • How many automatable tasks do we have?

  • Who needs training for that new business software?

  • How much travel claims cost in our company?

  • How long does it take and how much does our filing from email to folders cost?

In order for your company to succeed and function productively and competitively, you need to understand your DNA at the molecular level. Without understanding your work structure, activities, routines and patterns you cannot make data-driven decisions. Quite often we are still facing non data-driven decision making:

  • We have already automated quite much in finance and to my understanding, there is only a long-tail.

  • Our managers have listed people who need trainings for the new business software, based on their experience.

  • Travel claims only take 5 minutes to complete, so it’s not a problem.

  • Filing is only a small task, so it does not matter.

How Can Workfellow Help

Workfellow.ai is here to automatically analyze how the work is done in your company and placing a price tag for even the smallest activities so you can make strategic data-driven decisions regarding your company and work. Our mission is to turn knowledge work data into actionable insights with AI, in order for companies to automate, optimize work and lead the largest change in the history of work. That is why we started Workfellow.ai. We are super excited that Icebreaker.vc has decided to support our vision with a pre-seed investment in June 2020.

While developing our product towards commercial launch (later this year) together with our pilot customers, we will share our thinking, insights and product sneak peeks in our upcoming blogs.

Workfellow.ai - knowledge work redesigned.

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