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We're on a mission to change how people work

Even the best teams have things holding them back - from car designers to finance professionals. We help any organization make sure their teams don't have obstacles holding them back and have the best solutions to create tomorrow's world.


We are a unique team of software and knowledge work developers on a mission to put our years of experience into a single software product that does not need a degree to start using it.

Before founding Workfellow, we used to work with the leading European companies to find development and automation opportunities so their modern teams could focus on what matters to them.

When sending a rocket to the moon, there are typically more critical things to focus on than filling spreadsheets or finding the same information again and again.



Workfellow is a software product company. We founded the company so that modern teams could become digitally fluid in the new era of remote work, automation, and AI.

Our product is designed for data-driven teams that are continuously looking for ways to improve their working ways.

The main capital of modern teams is knowledge. Let’s use it wisely.

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Workfellow Oy
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02150 Espoo
Business ID: 3105228-4
Phone: +358 44 325 2800

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