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Get better business insights with AI-powered process intelligence combining process and task mining

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Faster time to actionable insights than traditional process mining.
Lower typical total cost of ownership (TCO) than the well-known alternative.
Coverage of processes, tasks and system available immediately.
Typical identified savings within 30 days of plug-and-play implementation.

Gartner gave honorable mention to Workfellow

In their recent Magic Quadrant for Process Mining, Gartner gave an honorable mention to Workfellow for combining process and task mining to cover multiple use cases.

Deep Analysis highlights Workfellow as a new vendor to watch

In a recent analyst note Deep Analysis picks Workfellow as one of four vendors to watch in Q4 of 2022. Download the detailed Vendor Vignette profile on Workfellow.

Workfellow named OneOffice™ Hot Vendor by HFS Research

Workfellow has been recognized by the influential industry analyst firm HFS Research as a Hot Vendor in Q4-2022. A downloadable copy of the report is available.

Combine the best parts of process and task mining

No integration hassle

No need for slow and costly integrations to different source systems. Workfellow is as easy as plug-and-play.

End-to-end process visibility

Track the true nature of work and processes across all your business apps and systems.

No event logs? No problem

Get detailed process intelligence for all your work and business apps even without access to system event logs.

No costly maintenance

With Workfellow you get real-time data and analytics without the need for costly maintenance or data science.

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The only GDPR-free solution without need of personal data prosessing.

No activation hassle

No need activate and disable task tracking. Work API analyzes relevant tasks securely and automatically.

Improve lead time

Analyze both tasks and throughput time to identify bottlenecks, reduce rework and lead time opportunities.

Benchmark across teams

Benchmark tasks, system use and workflows across teams to improve process execution.

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Ready-made dashboards

Take advantage of best practice KPI measurement for different teams, core processes and business units.

Configurable roles and teams

Easily set up access for different teams and analyst and admin roles.

Unmatched granularity

Highest level of detail for understanding time & cost of work all the way to transaction level.

Dig into root-causes

Track detailed views of rework, variants and inefficient workflows.

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Automated work categorization

Detailed and automated insights into different types of work and task patterns.

Clear roadmap to value

Use the Workfellow ESA Framework™ to prioritize and implement improvements.

Impact estimation

Evaluate business impact and prioritize opportunities based on bottom line impact.

Intuitive case management

Easy to use case management to track improvement ideas all the way to improved processes.

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Get results with the proven Workfellow ESA Framework™

Don’t just take our word for it

What our customers say

<span class="nh-rtb">We really liked the software and the way it was structured.</span>

<span class="nh-rtb">We needed <span class="nh-rtb-highlight">fast analysis</span> within weeks - Workfellow delivered.</span>

<span class="nh-rtb-alt">The solution has come a long way in the past year.</span>

<span class="nh-rtb-alt">The software is about improving <span class="nh-rtb-highlight">internal processes,</span> and it's a perfect match for us from that perspective.</span>

<span class="nh-rtb-alt">If you need to know how work gets done, this is the software.</span>

<span class="nh-rtb">We had tried<span class="nh-rtb-highlight">process mining</span> - but this is different.</span>

<span class="nh-rtb">It's <span class="nh-rtb-highlight">quicker</span> to implement than we expected.</span>

<span class="nh-rtb-alt">I think it's a very solid product.</span>

<span class="nh-rtb">The product is very interesting, <span class="nh-rtb-highlight">different from what I've seen</span> before.</span>

<span class="nh-rtb">It first sounded<span class="nh-rtb-highlight">too good</span> to be true.</span>

<span class="nh-rtb-alt">It was<span class="nh-rtb-highlight"> so fast</span> get started!</span>

<span class="nh-rtb">This is process mining<span class="nh-rtb-highlight">on steroids</span>.</span>

<span class="nh-rtb-alt">Finally we have a way to access our process data.</span>


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Don't be limited by event logs or integrations.

Analyze tasks and processes across ALL your business apps

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