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Help your customers to become operational champions

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Why partner with Workfellow?

We’re a software provider that helps companies excel in digital transformation easier and faster than ever. We’re happy to support our partners in helping their customers achieve their operatonal goals.

Become a partner

How does it work?

With our software, you can get immediate real-time visibility on how different work practices, processes, and systems are impacting your clients’ businesses. You can support your customers in finding out which activities could be automated, digitized, and optimized.

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Benefits of partnering

Innovate, grow, and expand.

Automated discovery

Leave surveys, interviews, browsing process data behind. Get pre-analysis done automatically for you, cutting its length from months to hours.

Immediate visibility

Get real-time data in no time and bring the value to your customers on an immediate basis

Ease of implementation

Get process insights in a matter of days without any prior integrations or mining the data.

Data-driven approach

Back your business cases with authentic real data that reveals the truth behind operations.

Measure the real-time impact

Show and compare the real impact of different initiatives on the efficiency in order to choose the tools that work the best for your customer.

Map the status quo

Know the current status of things at your customer’s and make rational and justified proposals from the very beginning.

With Workfellow, companies can get fast, actionable insights on how to optimize business operations and gain more value for their investments.

Partnering with us in a nutshell


Let’s try the software with your first customers and understand its value for them.


Use Workfellow as part of your offerings to analyze your customers’ operations and find improvement opportunities.


We provide you a marketing and sales support, as well as training all the way to making your first customers operational champions.


After the first round of full-cycle support, you become completely self-sufficient and won’t need any help from us as the software works in a self-serve model.

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