Process Intelligence for

Insurance Companies

Meet the Process Intelligence solution built from the ground up to help insurance firms thrive in today's digital world.

Discover your process health

Do you lack visibility into key processes and how processing gets done across business applications and teams?

Standardize processes

Could you close deals faster with more standardized, streamlined or automated core processes?

Take the digital leap

Does your complex IT landscape prevent you from end-to-end orchestration of processes and tasks?

We'll help you optimize your core insurance processes

Get 100% transparency of all your teams, processes and systems

Insurance processes require speed and accuracy to deliver on high customer expectations while also scaling profitability. Get the visibility you need to optimize all your core processes.

Key processes covered

Claims handling
Commercial insurance management
Customer onboarding
Policy administration
Renewals management
Risk assessment
Other key processes? Let's talk!

If you've tried Process Mining you'll love Process Intelligence

Equip your team with the tools and insights for operational excellence

Make decisions confidently and transform core insurance operations with process data you can trust.

Accelerate core processes

Optimize your underwriting core and claims management for speed and effectiveness.

Optimize workflows across systems

Discover and optimize the manual workflows and tasks slowing down your underwriting or claims processes.

Improve customer experience

Keep up with growing customer expectations by fixing bottlenecks in your onboarding and renewal processes.

Speed ahead of competition

Gain the insights to modernize your insurance processes and systems to keep ahead of competition.

Improve claims efficiency

Get the insights to streamline and automate your claims management process.

Reduce manual workload

Measure the inefficient tools and systems that drain your team's valuable time and resources.

See how it works

Efficiency and transparency from day one

Don't be limited by event logs or integrations

Analyze work and processes across ALL your insurance operations and apps

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Learn how Insurance Carriers can use Process Intelligence to gain an edge over the competition

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Filling spreadsheets or finding the same information over and over again is so yesterday. Let's ban boring busy work and focus on the stuff that matters.

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CPO & Co-founder at Workfellow. 10 years of experience in Automation & Digital Transformation.

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CEO & Co-founder at Workfellow. Expert in organizational digital transformation.