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Workfellow partners with adesso Nordics to fuel digital transformation across the Nordics

Helsinki, 7 February, 2023

Workfellow, a leading provider of process intelligence software and adesso Nordics, a top European IT service provider, today announced a strategic partnership aimed at helping large businesses across the Nordic countries automate their operations and improve their bottom line through digital transformation.

The partnership will leverage Workfellow's cutting-edge process intelligence software, which uses artificial intelligence and advanced process discovery to identify inefficiencies in business processes, and adesso Nordics' expertise in business consulting and IT solutions to provide customers with a comprehensive solution for process-driven digital transformation.

"We are thrilled to partner with adesso Nordics to bring our advanced process intelligence technology to their enterprise clients across the Nordics," said Kustaa Kivelä, CEO and co-Founder of Workfellow. "With adesso’s deep understanding of enterprise transformations and our ability to identify and eliminate inefficiencies, we are confident that we can help businesses across the Nordics achieve significant cost savings and improve their overall performance."

“Workfellow is a very efficient solution to understand and optimize processes based on data. We see this partnership as a great opportunity to provide our clients with results and savings within weeks with co-operation of adesso Nordics and Workfellow” , said Anna Wäyrynen, COO and Data & AI lead of adesso Nordics. 

The partnership will focus on providing organizations across the Nordics with a solution that helps them identify inefficiencies in their operations, automate processes and improve overall performance. The solution backed by adesso Nordics' extensive consulting experience in operational excellence and Workfellow's cutting-edge process intelligence software will be revealed in a joint webinar on 8 March, 2023. You can register for the webinar here: [Webinar] Reach your 2023 efficiency and savings targets with process intelligence.

For more information about the partnership and the solution, please contact:

Lari Numminen, Chief Marketing Officer, Workfellow, lari@workfellow.ai

Joel Himanen, Associate Data Scientist, adesso Nordics, joel.himanen@adesso-nordics.fi

About Workfellow

Workfellow is a leading provider of hybrid process intelligence software that combines process mining and task mining functionality to identify inefficiencies and improvement opportunities in business operations. The company's software helps businesses optimize processes, accelerate automation and digitalize workflows.

About adesso Nordics

adesso Nordics is a leading consulting & IT service provider that helps businesses as they face their own particular challenges related to strategy, data, AI and technology.  The company has extensive experience in enterprise automation and a deep understanding of enterprise systems and operational excellence. As part of adesso Group, the company has over 7 500 employees in 53 locations across Europe.

Written by

Lari Numminen

Chief Marketing Fellow