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Welcome to the Workfellow Process Clinic

If you want to experience startup life in the center of Helsinki you should visit Maria 01 - a former hospital turned into a technology hub housing hundreds of technology startups, investors and scale-ups.

Earlier today Maria 01 was the venue of the very first Process Clinic, a new event helping enterprise leaders and consultants to diagnose and cure ineffective business processes. At Workfellow we don’t do boring breakfast events, so with respect to our surroundings we brought to life a hospital theme. 🏥🚑

This event wasn’t just for show. There was also a serious message. It’s never been a better time to diagnose and fix broken business processes.

Our co-founder and CEO Kustaa Kivelä started the Process Clinic by sharing the founding story of Workfellow. Our concept was born out of the Covid-19 pandemic when our co-founders recognized how fundamentally work had changed in the time of global disruption.

Kustaa observed that digital transformation is not just about systems and technologies. We’ve seen a fundamental shift in work where smart employees demand more. Today people prioritize work and life balance where tools and technology help and augment us. If businesses don’t react fast, they are left with the Great Resignation of losing their best talent.

Let’s be honest about one thing…  many people participated in the Process Clinic to get a fresh look of the latest version of Workfellow.😏

Soon enough Kustaa was joined on stage by our other co-founder and Chief Product Officer Henri Wiik.

At the Process Clinic Henri shared three core elements of next-generation process intelligence software:

  1. Plug & play implementation
  2. Automatic and timely analytics
  3. Actionable insights

If you’re left thinking how it’s done, let’s just say it takes the best parts of process mining and task mining. It’s process intelligence powered by Work API. 😎

Our event roadshow continues next week in Copehagen, where Danish enterprise leaders will have a chance to cure their process ailments.

If you’re curious to know what else you may have missed at the Process Clinic, book a demo and see for yourself!

Written by

Lari Numminen

Chief Marketing Fellow

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