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Workfellow is now SOC2 compliant

Workfellow is now SOC2 compliant. 

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have now obtained the SOC2 certification! Although it didn’t change how we work, this is an official confirmation that we handle your data with the utmost care, responsibility, and respect for your privacy. 

“From the early days, information security, GDPR-freeness, and high privacy have been at the core of Workfellow's product DNA. I'm excited to have an external certification provider validating the protections and effective security practices we have in place.”
- Henri, CPO at Workfellow.

Information security has been an integral part of Workfellow’s operations from the beginning. Since the nature of our software implies the extensive use of customer data, we’ve been working rigorously on integrating data security into all aspects of our organization - the product and the way it’s built, the way we handle the customer data, and most importantly, the way people work. 

What does obtaining SOC2 mean for our customers?

SOC2 certification is an external audit that monitors whether the organization complies with the criteria of managing the data securely based on five “trust service principles” - security, privacy, availability, confidentiality, and processing integrity. For our customers, it means the service they get from our company is completely safe, and their data is always handled in a highly secure manner. 

“High security is the result of our culture and team efforts. Secure development, testing, and cloud security need to be part of everyday life resulting in the desired compliance.”
- Marcin, CTO at Workfellow. 

We help companies become data-driven, and thus, data is a fundamental block in everything we do. We won’t stop on this and will continue working hard on improving our practices even further. 

We’re delighted to mention that Vanta - a leader in continuous compliance monitoring, has been our trusted partner in this journey.

Written by

Kazyna Turdibayeva

Marketing manager at Workfellow

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