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HFS Research OneOffice™

Q4-2022 Hot Vendor Report

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What is a HFS Hot Vendor?

HFS OneOffice Hot Vendors are an exclusive group of software vendors, each with a differentiated value proposition based on their offerings' distinctiveness, ecosystem robustness, client impact, financial position, and impact within the HFS OneOffice framework.

What is OneOffice™ framework?

OneOffice describes HFS Research's vision for future business operations amidst the impact of cloud, automation, AI, and disruptive digital business models. HFS OneOffice was coined in 2016 and aligns with the HFS Research Horizon 3 orientation.

HFS Research OneOffice framework
HFS Research OneOffice framework source:hfsresearch.com

What is HFS Research?

HFS Research are a global business research consultancy founded by Phil Fersht in 2010 focusing on business operations. HFS research areas include Automation and Process Intelligence, Blockchain, the Metaverse and Web3.

What does HFS stand for?

"Horses for Sources" is a popular blog authored by HFS Research founder Phil Fersht. The blog was started in 2007 and can be read here: horsesforsources.com.

Hear more from the Analysts

See why HFS chose Workfellow as a Hot Vendor in this fireside chat with HFS Research Senior Analyst Sam Duncan and Workfellow Co-founder and CEO Kustaa Kivelä.