Process Intelligence for

Audit process

Workfellow helps you deliver operational excellence in financial auditing.

Increase accuracy & transparency

Do you lack visibility on how financial processes are executed across key tasks, teams or procurement operations?

Cut audit time from weeks to days

Do you want to shorten lengthy auditing times by automating the reporting activities and minimizing manual analysis and rework?

Measure compliance levels

Do you need reliable data and auditing insights to measure and find compliance issues?

We'll help you conduct audit processes more efficiently and accurately.

100% accurate assessment based on real data insights from end-to-end business processes and not samples

Unlike traditional process mining methods, Workfellow helps not only to find compliance issues and inefficiencies easily but also to get real-time full transparency into financial processes in order to foresee any possible future compliance challenges.

Key processes covered

Audit plan
Reviewing laws and policies
Reviewing internal control
Risk assessment
Analyzing data sets
Resource planning
Planning materiality
Testing financial data
Reporting audit results

If you've tried Process Mining you'll love Process Intelligence

Workfellow helps you stay in compliance with all the standards.

Make decisions confidently and transform financial audit operations with work and process data you can trust.

Ensure following the compliance rules

Assess compliance levels across each task, workflow and system.

Prevent compliance challenges

Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies across processes and find the root causes of why they occurred.

Get 100% coverage of your processes

Get full visibility of your end-to-end business processes in order to prevent any potential compliance issues.

Find areas for optimization

Discover how and where to improve internal controls and business processes.

Respond swiftly to changes and risks

Find out the potential operational risks and be ready for any unexpected changes.

Reduce operating costs

Identify ways to enhance and simplify processes and distribute tasks effectively among various teams and departments.

See how it works

Efficiency and transparency from day one

Don't be limited by event logs or integrations

Analyze work and processes across ALL your audit operations and apps

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Henri Wiik

CPO & Co-founder at Workfellow. 10 years of experience in Automation & Digital Transformation.

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CEO & Co-founder at Workfellow. Expert in organizational digital transformation.