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What is process visibility?

Lari Numminen

September 6, 2023

When we talk about process visibility in businesses, we refer to the ability to monitor and evaluate the flow of operations within a company transparently. This, in turn, facilitates informed decision-making and contributes to enhanced productivity. In this article, we delve deep into the nuances of process visibility, shedding light on its importance and how it can be optimized for superior business outcomes.

What exactly is process visibility?

At its core, process visibility is the capability to have a real-time, clear insight into the various processes that are operational within an organization. Through this, we can effortlessly track, analyze, and optimize the workflows, thereby achieving enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. We also foster an environment that encourages continuous improvement and innovation.

Why process visibility is important in today's business landscape

In today's competitive business ecosystem, process visibility stands as a critical pillar of competitive advantage. Here are the primary reasons why we firmly believe in its indispensability:

  • Data-driven insights. Enterprise leaders are empowered with actionable insights derived from data, facilitating informed decision-making that is aligned with organizational objectives.
  • Optimized resource allocation. Organizations can optimize the allocation of resources by having a clear view of the resource utilization and workflow patterns.
  • Real-time monitoring. Businesses obtain the capacity to monitor the processes in real-time, which assists in identifying and mitigating potential issues before they escalate.
  • Compliance and governance. Businesses can ensure adherence to compliance and governance protocols by having a transparent view of the process workflows.

Implementing process visibility: a step-by-step guide

As we embark on the journey to enhance process visibility within our organization, we follow a structured and systematic approach. Here’s how we do it:

  • Identification of key processes: We start by identifying the key processes that are pivotal to our business operations. The typical starting point is a process discovery exercise.
  • Pick the right tools: We leverage state-of-the-art technology platforms to facilitate seamless tracking and monitoring of the processes. Common options include process mining and task mining.
  • Development of metrics and KPIs: We develop suitable process metrics and KPIs to measure the performance and outcomes of the processes. 
  • Continuous improvement: We cultivate a culture of continuous process improvement, where we are constantly seeking ways to refine and enhance our processes.

Tips for maximizing process visibility

As we strive to maximize process visibility within our organization, we offer you these expert tips that have proven to be highly beneficial:

  • Integrate systems. We focus on integrating various systems and platforms to facilitate seamless data flow and communication.
  • Provide training and support. We invest in training and development programs to enhance the skills and competencies of our workforce, thereby facilitating improved process visibility.
  • Get feedback and collaboration. We encourage feedback and collaboration, fostering a culture that is conducive to continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Leverage advanced analytics. We leverage analytics to derive actionable insights from data, which aid in optimizing the processes and achieving superior outcomes.

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The bottom line

To conclude, process visibility stands as an essential element in the modern business landscape. Through the implementation of strategic initiatives and leveraging technology, we can attain a level of visibility that fosters transparency, efficiency, and innovation. By focusing on continuous improvement, we are set on a trajectory towards achieving operational excellence and business success.

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Written by

Lari Numminen

Chief Marketing Fellow